ronen barzel   ·   affiliations

professional affiliations, present and past.   [latest curriculum vitae: cv.pdf ]

unity software / weta digital

· principal software engineer, 2022-2023.

weta digital

· senior research scientist, 2021.

upfront analytics

· director of engineering, 2015-2016.

musemantik ltd

· chief technology officer, 2012-2021.

journal of computer graphics techniques · founding advisory board member. in 2012 the advisory board of the journal of graphics tools (jgt) decided to create a new peer-reviewed journal that maintained the spirit of jgt, but that modernized to be online, open-access, and free to readers and authors alike.

current focus

· independent project research & development and contract work.

adobe systems incorporated

· a "senior technologist" in the "advanced technology labs" in 2010-2011, and a "senior research and innovation engineer" in 2015-2016.

acm siggraph · advisory board member, 2006-2011. i was the 2009 conference chair. in 2004, i was the program chair for the Sketches program and the (new) Posters program. in 2003, John Hughes and i co-organized a course on Plausible Simulation. in various years i've been on various committees and spoken at the occasional course.

modern polity

· co-founder, 2006-2008.
journal of graphics tools · advisory board member, 2006-2012. previously i was the editor-in-chief, from when the journal started in 1995 until i passed the torch to Doug Roble in 2006.

university of california san diego

· taught the intro computer graphics course in the winter quarter of 2006.

pixar animation studios · an "animation scientist" from 1993 to 2005. i did assorted things for the first Toy Story movie, most notably building the "Slinky Dog" model and developing lighting technology. afterwards i mostly worked on software R&D, in particular modeling and animation software and general infrasturcture. i also did a stint of development for Finding Nemo.

école polytechnique · professeur invité for the winter term of 2003, teaching a course on computer animation.

massachusetts institute of technology · visiting instructor during the january 2001 intersession, teaching a course on mathematics for computer graphics and a course on simulation for computer animation.

brown university · visited several times and collaborated on several papers with John Hughes in the graphics group. i also got my undergrad degree there, class of '83, and a master's in '84.

university of washington · visited several times and collaborated on several papers with David Salesin in the graphics group. in 1996 david and i developed and taught the first incarnation of a computer animation production class bringing together computer graphics and art students to make a short film.

sgi · worked in the Inventor group in 1992, developing animation capabilities for the Inventor 2.0 toolkit.

caltech · did my graduate work in "physically based modeling", with my advisor Al Barr, getting a master's in '88 and ph.d. in '92. home page