Plausible Motion Simulation
for Computer Graphics Animation

Ronen Barzel, University of Washington
John Hughes, Brown University
Daniel N. Wood, University of Washington

Published in:
Computer Animation and Simulation '96 (Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop),
R. Boulic and G. Hégron, eds., Springer Wien, New York, 1996, pp. 183-197.

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Accuracy is the ubiquitous goal of dynamic simulation, in order to yield the ``correct'' motion. But for creating animation, what is really of interest is ``plausible'' motion, which is somewhat different. We discuss what we mean by plausible simulation, how it differs from ``accurate'' simulation, and why we think it's a worthwhile area to study. The discussion touches on questions of physically plausible vs. visually plausible motion, plausible simulation in a noisy or textured environment, and probability measures for motion, as well as issues for forward and inverse problems.